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06 January 2014 @ 10:03 am

So this has been a... fun weekend. After all the talk that Mariah said she'd be cool with all three of us moving in together, going out and finding rental properties, and then actually showing us a house we would all like, she then proceeds to bail.

Supposedly her parents "won't help her with her deposit unless she's moving out on her own" (sans roommates) which to me seems a bit odd. Parents will either say "yes we'll help you" or "sorry you're on your own" for whatever reason. Never have I seen anyone negotiate terms for help. So this makes us think that:
A) that's a cover for some other reason she wouldn't want to move in with us. (IE a lie)
B) she was banking on them helping her out and they said no.
C) they actually will help out, but even with their help she'll still need money, because I doubt she actually has any savings anymore, if she ever really did.

Either way Jack and I don't feel that she's giving us and/or her parents the whole truth about things. It didn't help the theory that when we asked her how much she would have by move in (even after she bailed) she would just deflect every time. If we've answered (to the best of our abilities) then you have no right to be so secretive about it. Not when this depends on all of us.

If we talk about it again before the weeks end then I will have one last "deal". I will wave her part of the deposit (probably get a loan from mom or something). If she can come up with just her rent then we can get the house. I hate that she showed us that house and that it was so perfect. If we didn't like anything we saw, then ok fine I wouldn't care. But now I'm just disappointed. And Jack is pissed because he basically stuck his neck out to help her out a and she basically burned him. And I don't blame him for it.

This house, if we can get it, would be saving all of us money. I don't think she's thinking about the long term which is just stupid. Especially if she wants to fly to see Eric as much as she claims she will, there will be not her way for her to afford that AND have a place of her own. She will basically be forced to move home, and I think she's in denial about that.

That's why I don't understand why she's so quick to reject this idea, even after Jack and I were trying to come up with solutions to make it work.

01 January 2007 @ 02:59 pm
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